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Dr. Li Jing Tz



Dr. Li Jingzi graduated from China Medical University, where she studied under a highly regarded traditional medicine professor Chen Rongzhou. Then she went to advanced studies in Nanjing with the expertise of traditional medicine professor Xia Guicheng and professor Tan Yong. After returning to Taiwan, she has been engaged in integrated Chinese and Western medicine treatment in the hospital for many years, ensuring that her patients are well cared for, especially in the field of infertility.

Current post

  • Attending physician, Taipei Wanfang Hospital

  • Clinical Teacher, Taipei Medical University

  • Dean of An-Den Chinese Medicine Clinic


  • Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wanfang Hospital

  • Dean of An-Den Chinese Medicine Clinic

  • Part-time attending physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of Wanfang Hospital


  • A variety of gynecological and pediatric diseases, prenatal and postnatal conditioning, IVF treatment with traditional Chinese medicine to assist pregnancy, and abortion


  • Bachelor of Medicine, China Medical University

  • Doctor of Clinical Medicine, Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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