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Dr. Ming I Hsu is an expert of polycystic ovarian disorders and ovarian functions. Dr. Hsu has been devoted to infertility for more than 20 years. Not only the smile on patients but also the perseverance of infertile patients touch Dr. Hsu the most. 

Dr. Hsu remembers a 39-year-old patient whose injured foot caused her lots of inconvenience. But under huge stress of having a baby from herself and her family, she still put herself out on IVF treatments. The struggles and courage of this patient engraves in Dr. Hsu's heart.

How can the doctor offer the best help to elderly patients?

Female fertility diminished faster than male. The concept of “prevention is better than cure” is one of the best policies in infertility. Monitoring your ovarian reserve at young age helps a lot in planning future life schedules such as marriage and pregnancy.

In order to take better care of his patients, Dr. Hsu built his own fertility center with advanced technologies, innovative medications and services.

HuaYu is pronounced similar to pregnant in Chinese (huaiyun). Dr.Hsu and his team would like to share all these experiences and wish all our patients can “HuaYu”.

 Our ambitions are not only to become an outstanding fertility center but also bring happiness to every family.

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