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PGT-A can easily be added to your IVF treatment plan


Preimplantation Genetic test for Aneuploidy / Diagnosis (PGT-A/ PGD) is a genetic diagnostic technology used before implantation of the embryo that aims to avoid the transmission of genetic diseases. Technicians perform embryo biopsies on blastocysts to collect some trophoblasts and use gene-chips or next-generation DNA sequencing for genetic analysis. Due to the high risk of damaging oocytes or early embryos, we prefer to perform biopsy on the blastocysts over collecting polar bodies or the morula stage.  This technology filters out embryos with genetic diseases or chromosomal abnormalities. And so, it is able to reduce uncertainty during pregnancy, increase live birth rates, and avoid the physical and mental stress caused by abortion.

  • Evaluation and consultation.

  • Signing the  informed consents after fully understanding the limitation and risks.

  • Start entering the IVF treatment. 

  • Embryologists will fertilize the oocytes on the day of oocytes retrieval.

  • Biopsy at blastocyst stage.

  • Report takes about 7-10 working days to finish

  • Selecting the euploid embryos to transfer.

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