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Intrauterine Insemination


Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a process that inserts purified sperm into the uterus after ovulation stimulations. First, we purify sperm by centrifuge and dissolve the pellet in the artificial culture medium. The sperm is directly inserted into the uterine cavity through a catheter. The process takes about 5-10 minutes without anesthesia, and the patient needs to lie flat for 15 minutes after operation.

We recommend IVF for the case of severe male infertility, blocked fallopian tubes, older infertile women, or other special cases (such as endometriosis). 


Applicable patients :

  1. Low sperm counts (less than 20 million sperm counts per ejaction) and poor sperm motility.

  2. Unexplained infertility, individual/couple who still fails to conceive after various treatments.

  3. Ovulation disorder or anovulation caused by polycystic ovary.

  4. Sexual intercourse disorders, including impotence, delayed ejaculation, premature ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, and hypospadias, etc.

  5. Women wishing to start a family with donor sperm. 

Ovarian stimulating

  1. Visit on day 1-3 of your menstrual cycle

  2. We assign a professional consultant to every patient to help with medication inquiry service, medical follow-up and instant consultation.

  3. Begin to induce ovulation

  4. Medicines used to stimulate ovaries can be oral or injections depending on different situations. 

  5. 2-3 revisits to monitor follicles growth (with vaginal ultrasound) and blood level.

  6. Ovulation trigger injection is given 34-36 hours before oocytes retrieval.  

Collecting sperm

Arriving the center according to the scheduled operation time for IUI, and go to the room for sperm collecting after confirming identity.

Pregnancy test

  1. We provide progestin supplementation and other medicines after IUI. Pregnancy test will be performed after 2 weeks. It’s about on day 26-28 of the menstrual cycle.

  2. We will perform a urine test and blood test to check up on the pregnancy.

Documents required

  1. National identity certificates of both spouses

  2. Passports of both spouses

  3. Marriage certificate

  4. Blood test reports for sexually transmitted diseases within six months

  5. Medication records and test reports

Please bring for the initial appointment

  1. National identity cards of both spouses

  2. Passports of both spouses

  3. Marriage certificate

  4. Blood test report for sexually transmitted diseases within the pass six months

  5. Relevant medical records and test report

During the course of treatment you will likely undergo the following examinations


  1. Basic information inquiry and physical examinations

  2. Sperm analysis

  3. AIDS screening

  4. Syphilis screening


  1. Basic information inquiry and physical examination

  2. Routine blood tests

  3. AIDS Screening

  4. Syphilis screening

  5. Ultrasound monitoring

  6. Hysteroscopy

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