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Egg Donation


According to the statistics of the National Health Administration, from 2011-2015 in Taiwan, the total number of sperm or egg donations nationwide was 3681, 2737 cases were eggs donations, and only 891 were sperm donations.
The reasons for infertility are complicated. Sperm/egg donation is recommended to help infertile couples with low or no germ cells. The process includes donation registration, inspection and matching, sperm/egg collection, and medical follow-ups.

Egg Donation

Donor eggs or donor sperm is used when the woman or man has a genetic disease or is unable to produce germ cells. 
When a couple requests for donor eggs, there are two options : fresh eggs and frozen eggs. After a fresh egg donor is matched with you, the donor starts ovulation stimulation and eggs are fertilized on the day of retrieval. Frozen donor eggs need to be thawed before fertilization.


1. Online Consultation

• Protocol Introduction

• Documents Preparation

• Basic Examinations

2. First Visit

staying for only 1-3 days

• Documents Processing

• Examinations and Notarization

• Bring Medication Back


3. Matching


4. Embryo Transfer (for egg receptors)

staying for about 7 days

• Frozen-thawed Embryo Transfer

• Bring Medication Back

• Pregnancy follow-up

• Medication Shipment

Required Documentation

Egg Donation

After confirming participation in the donor sperm treatment, the recipients need to prepare the following documents :

  1.  Identity certificate 

  2. Fourth-Degree kinship 

  3. Marriage certificate

  4. Blood type certificate

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