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Geriatric pregnancy with triplets

D3 embryo transferred in a natural cycle.
This 38-year-old lady had once undergone IVF with 4 prime D3 embryos but failed to conceive, and she had only 4 random D3 embryos left when she came to me.
Maternal age over 35 is considered geriatric, so we transferred all 4 embryos in this cycle in order to boost her pregnancy rate regardless of the fetal fractions. Surprisingly, all of these 4 embryos implanted, which certainly caused the risk of multiparity, and fortunately one was absorbed and triplets were left to them.
This couple was very happy.
I don’t like multiparity because there are many problems. But this was hardly avoidable in IVF because every transfer is a hope and low pregnancy rate in old age. So fully inform patients with risks  before transfer is very important.
This case will experience hard time.

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