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Egg Freezing

Freezing eggs is the best way for women to preserve their fertility while considering age , life goal and career planning. Fertility is one of the essential rights of women, and yet age is the major factor in determining fertility. Eggs do not regenerate and proliferate and older women may have higher fetal chromosomal abnormalities mostly due to her aging oocytes.
The prime age of female fertility is between 25 to 35 years, and this is also the prime time of egg quality. Ovarian function gradually declines after 35 years of age, especially after 38 years of age, the function declines steeply. Therefore, many women face the dilemma of career and family. After working hard and finally being ready to conceive and raise the next generation, the ovarian function and egg quality may be too diminished to ensure a successful pregnancy.
Recently, the freezing of eggs and embryos has undergone a revolutionary development. Vitrification is an effective and highly successful freezing method. Vitrification improves the survival rate to 90% in thawing embryos and eggs. This freezing technology has been optimized and become a mature and reliable technology.


Patients are suggested to freeze eggs when meeting the following conditions

  1. Women of childbearing age(30-35 yo), who do not have an immediate birth plan

  2. Women who have excessive eggs in the IVF procedure 

  3. Contingency plan when sperm cannot be obtained in time for IVF treatment

  4. If chemotherapy is necessary due to cancer or other diseases

  5. Young women with premature ovarian failure

  6. Genes and factors of certain congenital diseases, women who need an ovariectomy or may cause early ovarian failure.


The course of treatment includes ovulation induction and egg retrieval takes about two weeks.

The focus of the treatment is to control women's endocrine changes, and to produce more mature eggs after hyper-stimulating. The process requires moderate drug stimulation and adjustment according to personal conditions. Precisely monitor when the egg is mature, and collect the eggs by operation


Any time is a good time for a first visit! You can be seen at any stage of the menstrual cycle, let the doctor understand your condition, and create the best treatment plan for you. In addition to initial consultation, fertility tests will be performed, such as blood, urine, ultrasound, hysteroscopy. After the preliminary examination, Dr. Hsu will discuss with you whether you need more exercise or conditioning to get the body into a better state before the treatment.

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